Be the healer in your home...

Our customers and wellness advocates love this course as it takes them on a journey of empowerment. By being empowered with natural solutions it is amazing what you will learn and be confident in doing with your essential oils. You will soon become the healer in your home.

We know you will love this series as it takes you from beginner to master.

Take your time or go as fast as you want to. The joys of online learning are here for you.

With Oily Love.

Carolyn Wiseman xo

Nutrition and Supplements using essential oils...

This is a wonderful foundation for any essential oil user who would appreciate some nutrition tips - including our supplements that are created using essential oils.

Take out the toxins!

Imagine a world in your home where toxins are reduced to create a chemical free environment. This is tapping into a true healthy lifestyle. Another must for your home health arsenal and use for your essential oils.

Stress no more!

Stress is now known as one of the biggest links to major disease. By learning how to use your essential oils more deeply you will be able to support many realms of emotional wellbeing including stress, sleep and emotional imbalances. This is a topic favourite.

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Hi, I am Carolyn Wiseman...

When I first began using essential oils I knew very little and now after easily learning the basics and growing into an avid daily user I have found that essential oils (pure ones that is) are a must have for any home or family situation.

I began sharing and teaching other mums and dads, men and women how to use essential oils and here we are now teaching you too.

My passion and that of my teachers is to educate, empower and encourage.

You are in this course because someone cared to share this with you.

I hope you love using your oils as much as we all do.

Love and Light

Carolyn xo